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"I tried every crossword program and yours is the best."
Curtis, Florida

"Very cool software. Easy to use, intuitive program with excellent results in minimum amount of time."
Will, Georgia

"Several teachers wanted me to evaluate crossword software. Yours is the most user friendly."
Calvin, Iowa

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Below we have answers to your most commonly asked questions. We would also like to answer your quesitons in person! You can email us by using our direct email form

Is Crossword Weaver useful for everyone?

Yes! Crossword Weaver is used by:

  • Teachers - for tests, building vocabulary, quizzes, fun activities, and more!
  • Students - for reinforcing difficult concepts, building vocabulary, and for fun!
  • Professional Puzzle Makers -
  • Hobbiests
  • Businesses - for promotions, newsletters, training,
  • Everyone! - for family gatherings, baby and wedding showers, parties, birthdays,

What do I get when I purchase Crossword Weaver?

When you buy Crossword Weaver you also get the support you deserve - and outstanding customer service from real people for life. You get unlimited use for life. You get one year of free upgrades (try getting that from companies like Microsoft!), and a full, one year, 100% money-back, no hassle guarantee. Click here to order online now.

How soon do I get the software?

Immediately! Once you purchase the software, you will receive an unique unlocking code. You will then download your software, unlock it and start making puzzles right away!

Best of all there is a $10.00 discount for teachers and students!

Crossword Weaver is used by thousands of teachers and students all over the world.

This discount is for any kind of teacher or student involved in education - home school, public school, college, religious, boy scout leaders, etc. Any teacher or student ordering with their own money can take advantage of this great discount today and get $10.00 off - that's only $29.95!

Do you have other products?

You bet! We also have software that will make word search puzzles and it's as easy to use as Crossword Weaver! Just plug in your words and all the hard work is done for you!

Normally, this software sells for $24.95 - but if you order them together, we will give you $5.00 off! That's only $19.95.

It comes with the same great guarantees: outstanding customer service and unlimited use for life, one year of free upgrades, and a one year, 100% money-back guarantee.

Best of all - if you are a teacher or student, it will only cost $13.71 (instead of $19.95) - just check the education discount box on the order form. Click here to order online now.

What types of puzzles can you make?

Freeform Puzzles

The Freeform puzzle style uses all of your words and only your words. This type is perfect when you want a puzzle with only your words in it.

You can also change the background color to make it look more like a Symmetrical (newspaper style) puzzle.


Symmetrical Puzzles

Crossword Weaver can create and fill an entire Symmetrical crossword puzzle (newspaper style) for you using words from its built in dictionary. Or, it can mix your words with it's high quality database to get a Symmetrical puzzle that includes some of your words.

It uses a hand selected dictionary of over 58,000 high quality words and over 99,000 high quality clues. Most are fairly common words which will make puzzles that almost anyone can solve, not just puzzle fanatics.


Shaped Puzzles

The Shaped crossword puzzle is very similar to the Symmetrical puzzle (newspaper style). After you create a unique shape, the program will fill your entire crossword puzzle shape for you or it can mix your words with it's high quality database.


Can I change how the puzzles look?

This software is very flexible. Crossword Weaver has a built in "Layout Expert" that will automatically take whatever words you give it and make them fit precisely in a puzzle and perfectly on the page.

If you want to customize your puzzle, you can easily change any of the layout options, like:

  • Word size and fonts
  • Puzzle grid size
  • Title and subtitle
  • Number of clue columns
  • Adding full color graphic borders
  • Including an Answer Word Bank so any student regardless of age or skill level will be able to solve your puzzles - from Kindergarten through college. Your puzzles can be as challenging as you want!
  • And much, much more...

Who owns the puzzles that you make with Crossword Weaver?

Who owns the puzzles you make? You do! Since the puzzles you make are unique, you own the full rights to any puzzles you make. You can make a book of puzzles and sell them, copy them as many times as you want, and give them to anyone you wish!


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